Windshield Survey, Literature Review, & Assets Mapping Related to Community Placements

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Teaching Strategy Description:

A windshield survey and a literature review are prepared by clinical groups on topics related to their Year Three community placement and specific work.  Students complete an additional asset mapping assignment to demonstrate their understanding of population health community assessment. These documents will be included in a book that is presented to their community partners at the end of the term. The book also includes a) description of the population; b) community assessment if a recent one has not been completed; c) planned intervention, community project;  d) assessment of work and recommendations.

Using community theory, students are then asked to complete a concept map identifying a specific health challenge (eg postpartum depression, substance abuse) and to examine what social determinants of health are factors then identify strategies based on Population Health Model. This is once again a Year Three project specific to their theory class.

Teaching Context:

  • Third year, fall semester
  • Fourth year, 2-month placement in a primary health care setting with 108 hours completed. Placements include Placements include Atlantic Correctional Institution, various CHCs, PH placements, OPC placements.


Stamler, L.L., & Yiu, L. (2012). Community Health Nursing: A Canadian Perspective (3rd ed.) p. 218. Toronto ON: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Deitch, P., Windshield Survey Assignment Document

Deitch, P., Concept Map and Summary Assignment Sheet


Submitted by:  Patty Deitch, University of New Brunswick

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I would also like to acknowledge the work that Marcia Trail, RNMN, did in developing the Concept Map and
Summary during her time at UNB Moncton Campus. Marcia retired several years ago and was a wonderful