Primary Health Care World Café Presentation

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Teaching Strategy Description:

At the end of our population health promotion practicum we host a Primary Health Care World Café. The Cafe functions as a closure to the practicum, a thank-you to community partners, and a time and space for critical dialogue amongst our partnership between faculty, students and community agencies. Our students prepare a 5-minute presentation for this Café. This five-minute presentation is based upon one of their academic course assignments within their public health-population health theory course. For this academic course assignment students prepare a critical analysis of their population health promotion practicum. This includes an analysis of a) the lessons learned; b) barriers and supports that students will face in applying PHC principles and principles of population health promotion upon their graduation from the B.Sc.N. program; c) and implications for the discipline of nursing. Students are encouraged to use diverse mediums for presenting their analyses to influence fellow nurses, policy makers, and the public. One example includes the writing of an article in which a student reflected on her policy advocacy work with the B.C. Health Coalition. This article was subsequently published in the BCNU newsletter.

Drawing from this academic assignment, students then prepare a five-minute presentation for the World Café. There are four dialogue tables for each PHC principle. Students are assigned to a table to present a summary of their critical analysis. They then engage in critical dialogue with faculty, fellow students, and agency partners to explore how nurses can work with interdisciplinary/inter-sectoral/community partners to apply PHC principles and advocate for health system transformation in a way aligned with a primary health care model. Invited guests include alumni students, agency partners, and students from other faculties at our college. Guest speakers are also invited to open the café.

Teaching Context:

  • Population Health Promotion Practicum course


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Submitted by: Meridy Black, Caroline Brunt, Dee Duncan, Kathy Fukuyama, Marg Hawkins, Elaine Jones and Shari Laliberte, Vancouver Community College.

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