Planning & Implementing Clinical Health Promotion Activities during Practicum

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Teaching Strategy Description:

Students incorporate the values and principles of Primary Health Care (PHC) and the Ottawa Charter (OC) processes and strategies when planning and implementing clinical health promotion activities during their clinical placements. Group discussions focus on PHC and the OC, and the significance of access to formal and informal social support networks for individual, community, and/or population health.

Teaching Context:

  • Northern College’s Peer-Peer Health Promotion Program, which provides community clinical placement opportunities for some of the third year BScN students
  • Placements occur primarily on campus, but may also take place in the community


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Submitted by:  Diane Dowling, Julie Dyke, Heather Jessup-Falcioni, Denise Kall, Joan Martin Saarinen, Kim Sheppard, Laralea Stalkie, and Kay Vallee, Laurentian University

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