Examining the Media’s Presentation of Evidence-based Sources

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Teaching Strategy Description:

In this exercise, students write a paper that compares and contrasts popular, lay media’s presentation of evidence-based sources and discuss the implications for CHN practice.

Many individuals get their health information through a variety of media sources such as newspapers, the Internet, and magazines.  Health care providers, including community health nurses, need to apply health literacy when engaged in health promotion activities while working with individuals, groups, families and populations.

Students are provided with a choice of popular media articles or newspapers that relate to a community health/public health issue pertaining to the individual, community or population. Selecting one of the articles provided, students are asked to critically analyze the published information using professional health literature. In doing so, students need to research the topic and provide literature references in the analysis part of the discussion.

Teaching Context:

  • Year 2 Course examining community health nursing concepts.
  • Can be applied in a classroom setting and online (e-learning).


Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) (2014). Entry- to- practice public health nursing competencies for undergraduate nursing education. Ottawa: Author.


Submitted by: Gladys Schofield, Centre for Nursing Studies

Indicator(s): 5.1