Critiquing E-health Resources

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Teaching Strategy Description:

Students engage with CASN nursing informatics competencies by relating E-health literacy concepts and criteria to population health. In groups, students describe a population of interest using epidemiological and other sources of data to identify health promotion priorities.  In groups, students present their critique of three e-health resources that members of the population may access.  They refer to the Health on the Net Foundation (HON, 2009) criteria and model how they would counsel or advise members of the population to become critical consumers of e-health resources.

Teaching Context:

  • Year 4 Community Health Nursing Theory – Course Assignment / Group Presentation.


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Ferguson, L., Sparkes, J.,  & Valaitis, R. (2012). Information Technology. In L. Stamler, & L. Yiu (Eds.), Community Health Nursing: A Canadian perspective (3rd ed.). Toronto, ON: Pearson Canada.


Submitted by: Susan Duncan and Joyce O’Mahony, School of Nursing, Thompson Rivers University

Indicator(s): 5.1, 5.2