Creating a Health Fair Display

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Teaching Strategy Description:

Student partners create a health fair display on a researched topic relevant to an aggregate population (adolescents, elderly, etc.), based on appropriate educational resource development guidelines. Students then present their poster boards to their aggregate in a public venue, such as a school, health unit lobby, hospital waiting areas, etc.

Teaching Context:

  • Second- or third-year students who already have teaching and learning theory course pre-requisites. Some collaborative sites also have students prepare brochures to hand out at the display.


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Submitted by: Diane Dowling, Julie Dyke, Heather Jessup-Falcioni, Denise Kall, Joan Martin Saarinen, Kim Sheppard, Laralea Stalkie, and Kay Vallee, Laurentian University

Indicator(s): 5.1, 5.2, 5.3