Comprehensive School Health Practicum Experience

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Teaching Strategy Description:

Students engage with the core elements of the Comprehensive School Health Model (CSHM): social and physical environment, teaching and learning, healthy school policy, and partnerships and services (Pan Canadian Consortium for Comprehensive School Health, 2009).  Students work with School District personnel through their Health Promoting Schools program to learn about CSH and the role of the nurse and inter-sectoral partnerships in urban and rural settings. Year 4 students lead seminars with nursing students and public health nurses to stimulate awareness and implementation of concepts of the CSHM. This work can be seen as capacity building over the long term wherein successive cohorts of students and faculty have the opportunity to build collaborative relationships with schools, public health nurses and other professionals and the communities.

Teaching Context:

  • Practicum in Health Promotion (Year 3) and Leadership in Community Health Nursing (Year 4)


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Submitted by: Tanya Sanders, Susan Duncan and Kristine Weatherman, Thompson Rivers University School of Nursing and Interior Health – Public Health Nursing

Indicator(s): 4.1, 4.2, 4.3