Campus Service-Learning Projects

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Teaching Strategy Description:

Students are invited to participate in service learning projects across the campus.  Some examples include:

  • Mobile immunization clinics for flu vaccines
  • Sexual Consent Month
  • Planning and delivery of sexual consent awareness initiatives
  • Developing a presentation and skit that will be presented to several first-year classes
  • Sexual health promotion
    • creating a YouTube video that will provide an overview of a standard visit to the campus health clinic
    • creating a list of sexual health promotion tweets and links for the university’s Twitter account
  • Mental health at the university
    • Creating awareness of mental health resources for students
    • Offering various stress relief activities including yoga, sleep, and hygiene
    • Bystander intervention techniques for mental health

Teaching Context:

  • Clinical experience course


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Submitted by: Drs. Audrey Steenbeek; Adele Vukic; Andrea Chircop; Ingrid Waldram; Megan Aston, Dalhousie University

Indicator(s): 4.1, 4.2, 4.3