Creating a Media Pitch to Influence Fellow Nurses, Policy Makers, and the Public

Teaching Strategy Description: In the course Canadian Healthcare: Public Policy Making, the final assignment is a 2-minute presentation using multimedia (video and audio) called “Moving Policy Forward: Media Pitch.” Students, working in groups, are asked to choose a broad topic that relates to the health of Canadians. Examples include, poverty (i.e. living wage), post-secondary education, […]


How to Influence Decision-Makers through the Creation of Effective Questions

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Teaching Strategy Description: In this exercise, twelve student teams are assigned a determinant of health issue to discuss and then present in class. With the objective of the exercise being “Influencing Decision makers”, teams are asked to compose a question that they would ask local politicians pertaining to their DOH. Questions are collected, students vote […]


Public Health Agency of Canada: Skills Online

  • Online Module

Skills Online is a continuing education program developed by, and offered through the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). It offers a collection of self-directed and facilitated modules that help build the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada: Release 1.0 (PHAC, 2007). The Modules contain content specific to […]